Irrigation & Sprinkler System Design

If you’re tired of spending all the time, effort, and money it takes to maintain your home’s beautiful yard or garden, give the team at All Pro Irrigation a call. Our crew of landscapers and technicians will use their expertise to assist you in creating and maintaining the lush lawn you deserve. Let the professionals help keep your lawn bright and beautiful.

After an extensive evaluation, a friendly All Pro Irrigation associate will provide you with their recommendation for the best irrigation setup for your unique space, as well as a free quote. Are you installing a pool, new garden, adding a deck, or patio extension? Let us review your current irrigation system to make sure we can properly accommodate your needs and changes. Be proactive before construction – call All Pro Irrigation today and be one step closer to a lush new lawn!

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Installation

All Pro Irrigation is here to help you with any and all irrigation and sprinkler system installation woes. Don’t let poor installation keep you from maintaining and sustaining a beautiful lawn or garden.

Misaligned sprinkler systems installed by inexperienced technicians or weekend warriors can waste water and create dead patches in your yard. Don’t risk it! All Pro Irrigation can do the hard work for you. Our crew of industry-trained professionals will handle the pipes, control boxes, sensors, spray, and rotor heads so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Our associates design all our sprinkler and irrigation systems for maximum efficiency, saving your yard the trouble of dead patches and dry spots. Our sprinkler installation always ensures full coverage across your yard.

Make your lawn the best it can be. call All Pro Irrigation today!

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Year Round Repair & Maintenance

Even the best irrigation and sprinkler systems require occasional maintenance and assistance. Proper seasonal startups and shutdowns aid in keeping your irrigation and sprinkler system working in the best possible condition. When your Greensville home requires  sprinkler system maintenance, the team at All Pro Irrigation has your back.

Whether or not it’s one of our designs, we have the skills to  make sure your sprinkler system is working perfectly. We have you covered for repairs on rain sensors, heads and valve boxes, timers, and more! If it’s head adjustment you’re looking for, we’ll help you make sure your sprinklers are hitting every square inch of your lawn and wasting no water in the process. Old or worn out sprinkler heads causing you trouble? We’re happy to replace them with new ones. When winter rolls around, our contractors will be sure to remove excess water from your pipes before the cold comes, preventing frozen, broken, cracked, or damaged pipes and leaks. And once spring arrives, we’re here to assist you in getting your system started back up and working in tip-top shape. Don’t stress –  we have your back.

Give us a call today to learn more and get a free estimate!